Personal Training. Diet & Nutrition. Healthy Lifestyle Coaching 

Getting started with a fitness regime or meal plan is often the hardest part about losing weight. Sticking with it is another challenge. Let us help you get on track with our professionally guided personal training and nutrition packages!

Our Shape Shifter Program is specifically designed to get you started safely and injury-free. We offer a non-judgemental inviting environment full of support, encouragement and staffed with a knowledgeable team of healthcare professionals to ensure that your fitness experience is personalized, motivating, positive and injury free.

Consultations are free and will address all questions and concerns you may have. Depending on your level of interest, consultations may include a physician physical, a fitness evaluation, a nutrition evaluation, goal setting, measurements, blood-pressure reading and range of motion charting.

Package Pricing 

Our Shape Shifter Program is designed for long term success. Personal training packages are sold by the month opposed to by the session. Choose which package suits your schedule best!


Platinum Package
3 Sessions Per Week
(Breaks down to 12 sessions per month)
$30/Session for a total of $360 + tax


Gold Package
2 Sessions Per Week
(Breaks down to 8 sessions per month)
$35/session for a total of $280 + tax


Silver Package
1 Session Per week
(Breaks down to 4 sessions per month)
$45/Session for a total of $180+tax


Nutritional Add-Ons​ 

Label Reading & Grocery Store Tutorial: $75 
Learn how to understand and read nutritional labels. We will meet you at your grocery store of choice and teach you tips and tricks on how to shop healthy. Learn what to avoid in your store and how to compare like-products. You will learn how to understand calories, carbohydrates and proteins on food labels and we will discuss what works best for your body and goals.


Smoothie Makig 101: $95 
Learn to make smoothies at your own convenience- the healthy way. We’ll teach you how to make protein smoothies, fruit smoothies and vegetable smoothies. No fillers, no substitutes, no hassle! A common misconception on making smoothies at home is how much work they can be. Let us show you otherwise! We will bring the ingredients and leave you with a dozen tasty ready-to-blend mixes.

Peronalized Nutrition Plan: $105 
Let’s evaluate your eating habits and begin making realistic changes for the better! This doesn’t mean cutting out your favorite sweets and eating celery for lunch! It means learning how to make easy substitutions and better dietary choices while still satisfying your cravings and sweet tooth. Learn portion control tips, 10- minute recipes, 4-ingredient meals, how to eat on the go and more!

Weekly Meal Prep: $75/week
If you need a bit of guidance on meal prep, let us help! Avoid drive-thru urges and packaged food cravings this week by preparing nutritious lunches ahead of time. This will not only remove stress from your weekly grind, but it’s also easy on the wallet and good for the body. We will introduce you to 20 make-ahead lunches that you can prep on a lazy Sunday for a productive week. Together we will prep 5 days worth of meals. From protein-packed to vegetarian-friendly, we have plenty of recipe inspiration to get you started!