Pap Tests At a Glance

The pap test (also known as the pap smear) is a simple test that can help prevent cervical cancer. The five minute procedure detects cell changes on your cervix that, if left untreated for several years, could eventually turn into cervical cancer.

When changes in cervical cells are found early, they can often be treated effectively before they become dangerous. Regular pap testing can reduce cervical cancer deaths by 70 per cent.

For this reason, an annual pelvic examination is recommended for all sexually active women. The best time to do a pelvic exam is mid-cycle. The procedure takes place in an examining room and is done by one of our female Registered Nurses.

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Updated guidelines recommend pap testing for women 21 and older who are or have been sexually and repeated every 3 years. Screening may be discontinued at age 70 if there have been 3 or more normal tests in the last 10 years.