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You don't have to be a pro to enjoy fitness.  Our goal is to provide an inviting environment full of support, encouragement and staffed with a knowledgeable team of professionals. Currently we are only offering our 50 & Fabulous Class, which is being held on Monday evenings, starting January 4th. 



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50 & Fabulous 7pm-8pm  






50s & Fabulous - Fitness for those in their 50s
Class is held every Tuesday from 7pm-8pm

In your 50s, fitness tends to take a new shape. It doesn't matter if you are male or female, age has an effect on the body, especially in your joints. For women, with menopause in the picture you face additional challenges. Exercise routines you once found easy may now be painful or even impossible. Softening the impact is important during exercise but it’s actually more important than ever to do strength training. As you grow older, you lose muscle mass and there's a decline in metabolic rate [the rate at which your body uses energy to perform different types of work necessary for maintenance, growth, repair, etc.]  Even if you're an active individual, you don't prevent loss of muscle. Strength training is the only way to increase or preserve muscle mass. Our "Fifty and Fabulous" class teaches proper technique while offering low impact strength training that will be easy on your joints- but will have you sweating in no time.